The PSB Crew

Meet Sunny!

Hi there, I'm Sunny! Also known to be the coffee guzzling, early morning + late night working, people loving, + sometimes crazy feeling woman, behind this little online boutique.

I am first and foremost a follower of Jesus, secondly a wife to my amazing husband Chuck, next I'm the luckiest woman alive to be the mom of two (very active) 8 year old twin boys and a very talkative 6 year old princess! After those things I get to be the #bosslady of Pink Slate Boutique! 

Running this business has given me experiences and connected me with people that I am so grateful to having in my life! I adore our customers and love getting to get to know them! (Seriously, all of my employee's began as customers!) So, if you ever want to connect, shoot me a message via email or look me up on Facebook and shoot me a message here > Sunny Gilpin


Meet Jenna!

Hi everyone! My name is Jenna Pintor and I am a part of the wonderful Pink Slate Boutique. I help with all things social media and customer service. I've been working for PSB since 2014 and have loved every minute.

I have a hubby named Mike and two amazing boys named Vincent (7) and Gabriel (2). We live in sunny Arizona and enjoy the mostly summer with a splash of fall weather. I love all things fashion and running.

My favorite thing about Pink Slate is the customer service we provide. We want our customers to be satisfied with their purchases and enjoy their items over and over. Our quality is amazing and our pieces are timeless. If you ever have any questions, comments, or concerns, please reach out to us!

I see myself as the Pink Slate girl because, I love dressing up, putting together outfits, and helping others feel their best! On the other hand, I love getting sweaty during a good workout and playing in the dirt with my boys.


Meet Tabitha!

Hello everyone! I'm Tabitha! I am very blessed to be a part of this wonderful team that makes up the many colors of Pink Slate Boutique. I started out as one of the #PSBbabes in 2013, our "rookie year", shopping to my hearts content. It was through prayer, faith and love of many things including our Lord, family, and coffee that I became a team member of this wonderful company in 2018. I help with our social media and customer service relationships, making posts, stories, giveaways and chatting with our wonderful customers.

I am a mom of one, a daughter born in October 2012 and married to the love of my life since June 2011. We enjoy our sunny California home and it's weather but long to live in the country when we're old and grey with acres and animals. I'm a lover of country music, coffee (secretly I think I'm a Gilmore), movies and television but most importantly, I love learning and being open to my faith and how it's changed me. "In the day when I cried out, you answered me. And made me bold with strength in my soul." - Psalm 138:3

One of my absolute favorite things about this company is that we have something for every woman, in every shape and size. I've struggled in my journey to a better, healthy me since 2013 (give or take 50 pounds) and this company and our #bossbabes alone have given me the confidence to feel better in my skin just through the clothes I wear and the support they bring with our brand. I love being that voice for our customers who are more curvy and finding what's right for them. I love that we truly try to live up to our promises and that's important.

Why am I a Pink Slate girl? Because I see myself as that "middle one". The one who teeters on the edge of soft and delicate and at any moment can turn and be fierce. I'm the "in between". I am worthy, I am capable, I can make a difference. I may be that stay at home mom who dabbles in fashion and is a student, who takes part in substitute teaching jobs to nurture and build strong little minds at a vulnerable age, who runs the home because her husband puts in 40+ hours a week and that Lutheran woman who's faith is the foundation of the fuel she runs on, but I am ME. And sometimes ME is all I need. I may have days where I say "I can't" or "I won't" and I may have days when all there is, is focus and it, whatever it may be, gets done. I am human, I am a woman and I am a Pink Slate girl! - Tabitha

Many Blessings,
Tabitha Craft