Our Story

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{The Person Behind the Business}

Hi there! I'm so glad you made it to our site and I would love to tell you a little bit about this boutique and what we strive for it to be. 

I'm Sunny! Some also know me as the coffee guzzling, early morning + late night working, people loving, + sometimes crazy feeling woman behind this little online boutique.

I am first and foremost a follower of Jesus, then a wife to my seriously amazing husband Chuck, a mom to very active 6 year old twin boys + a very talkative little princess, and finally the #bosslady of Pink Slate Boutique. But I'm not going to lie... I struggle all the time with keeping them in that order and my world often feels like chaos. But I love what I do + I love who I do life with so I just keep trying to figure it out.

I have always been a people person (read -  I always got the box checked next to "Talks too much" on my report cards) so after I had my twin boys in 2010 I felt a little lost and disconnected from the world. Fast forward exactly 2 years from the day the boys were born... I gave birth to the boys little sister. At this point I knew I needed something to bring back the creativity, community, and passion in my days.  I grew up watching my mom and dad both start and grow their own businesses.  The entrepreneurial spirit was ignited in me at a young age. 

After working for my momma's business for 10 years I thought about trying something a little different.  I wanted the flexibility to be with my children when they needed me, but that entrepreneurial spark wouldn't die down. ONLINE. It was the answer. So in 2013 Pink Slate Boutique was born. 

{The Vision}

Pink Slate began as an outlet for my creative side, a way to connect with people, and a way to help support our family.  Over the years, I've grown personally and spiritually and Pink Slate has started to form it's own identity.

The name Pink Slate comes from the belief that there are so many different sides to every woman - from a soft pink side to a fierce slate side - and everything in between!

I believe that the Pink Slate Woman is called for greatness. She embodies the woman who is a stay at home mom. Seriously, hats off to you ladies! She is the woman who works 40 hours a week and still manages her home. She is the woman who volunteers her time to causes she believes in. She is selfless and stands strong even when she feels weak. 

I believe in supporting and empowering other women. In offering a hand to my sister when the world finally weighs her down. I also believe that when you get dressed in the morning that it is the first step to deciding how your day is going to go. Sometimes, all it takes is the right outfit to feel like you are WORTHY, CAPABLE, and that you are MAKING A DIFFERENCE.

 My hope is to inspire women everywhere to love who she is. Right now. Exactly where she is in her life. 

My passion is to show women everywhere that her worth comes only from above. 

{Our Promise}

I am a Christ follower and unashamed of my faith. I sometimes want to shout about what my Savior has done for me from the mountain tops! 

As a Christ follower I acknowledge that this business is not mine. 

It is a vehicle that I will do my best to use for Kingdom work. 

In the office, and outside of the office, we at Pink Slate base our words and actions on the following promises.

  • We promise to try our best to follow His examples and treat others with respect. 
  • We promise to offer you the best shopping experience we are capable of providing.
  • We promise to constantly keep striving to be better.
  • We promise to treat every single customer with respect.
  • We promise to listen to you and to consider any and all feedback that you give us.
  • Because we are human, we can promise you that we will fail.
  • Because we know that, we want to apologize in advance for our mistakes.
  • We also want to thank you in advance for your grace on our small business.
  • We promise to try and make our mistakes right.

Every decision we make is with you, our amazing customers, in mind.   If you are ever unsatisfied with our customer service or if there’s a piece you're just dying to have, please send us an email at and let us know right away. 

We promise we will always do our very best!